About Abuja

Built in the 1980’s, Abuja is one of the newest cities on the planet. After the Biafran war, it was made the capital of Nigeria because it is situated in the ethnically neutral, and geographic centre of the country. Known as the ‘London of Africa, it boasts beautiful natural surrounds and modern Nigerian architecture. With a predominately civil servant population, it may not be as exciting as Lagos, but is clean, well-planned and much safer.


Best time to visit

Abuja has a tropical climate with an average annual temperature of 25.7 °C. From October to January the weather is mild, making this the best time to visit the city. Things cool down from July to October and many travellers enjoy this time of year too.


Transport from airport to city:

It’s best to use the green registered cabs when travelling from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport to the city. You can also prearrange someone to collect you from your hotel, but make sure you get the person’s name and license registration to ensure your safety.


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